The Writer's Diet
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Your result: The Mountain

Instructions: Drag the colored dots to find the four statements that best describe your behavioral, artisanal, social, and emotional habits: (B) How productively do you write? (A) How skilfully do you write? (S) To what degree are other people a part of your writing practice? (E) How do you feel about your writing? Next, click See My Profile for tips on how to build and expand your Writing BASE.
    Behavioral habits.
    My everyday writing habits are:
    5. Neither good nor bad
  • Artisanal habits.
    My skills as a writer are:
    5. Neither good nor bad
  • Social habits.
    I engage in productive conversations with other people about my writing and work-in-progress:
    5. Occasionally
  • Emotional habits.
    When I think about my writing, the emotions I feel are:
    5. Evenly balanced between positive and negative

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